The HAPI team has been searching for and blocking crypto wallets that are being used to fund the russian war effort since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

Not too long ago, HAPI launched the Scamfari platform, which from the moment of launch will give users the ability to report such crypto wallets and fees. For every report of scammer or rf funding, users will be rewarded.

For now, Scamfari has reported the launch of early access registration. The full-fledged launch will take place very soon, so you should register now and invite your friends!

Hyde on how to perform the activity
Go to the site, enter your email and wallet address. Then click Get Early Access:

2. You should receive a confirmation message in your e-mail, click Verify Email Address. We will be redirected back to the site, where we need to take a referral link, by which we can invite friends:

The platform will provide an opportunity not only to earn, but also to clean the Internet space from scammers and malicious charges.

In the second screenshot we can see our position in the ranking, it suggests that the most active users who will invite friends – can get a reward. Therefore, it is worth not to be lazy and invite as many friends as possible.

Arkham project had a similar system of attracting new users, so there is a possibility that we can get rewards here too.


Activity does not take a lot of time.
There is a possibility that the project will reward users in proportion to the number of people invited (Arkham 2.0).

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