The expansion of the Shiba Inu ecosystem (SHIB) through the second-level protocol Shibarium was perceived by many as a factor in the growth of the token price.

However, so far, we have not seen an independent growth of the token meme, which was contrary to the general trend of the crypto market. To learn about the prospects of this process, Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOGL) artificial intelligence tool Bard was asked to do the calculation.

According to the prediction, by 2050, the average expected price of SHIB could be around $0.89. This estimate represents a significant jump of about 11.6 million percent from the current token value.

Historically, long-term cryptocurrency investors have a better chance of making a profit, and Shiba Inu is no exception. Currently, about 70% of SHIB holders hold their assets for a period of more than one year, which emphasizes their belief in returns, or means they cannot sell profitably at the current price.

The cryptocurrency market is characterized by a high level of speculation, and only factors such as adoption and issue reductions can play an important role in the appreciation of crypto-assets. This tends to take time.

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