Ethereum core developers are planning to roll out a new testnet called Holesky in September. In a bid to improve the testing environment and address supply challenges for ether on testnets, Ethereum core developers are planning to launch a new testnet called Holesky next month, as discussed in a meeting yesterday. The upcoming test network, initially referred to as Holli, aims to offer enhanced testing support for developers working on the Ethereum network.

Test networks, or testnets, serve as clone blockchains that allow developers to deploy applications and identify bugs before launching them on the mainnet. Currently, Ethereum’s ecosystem has two primary testnets: Goerli and Sepolia. However, Goerli is reportedly going to be deprecated soon, paving the way for the introduction of Holesky. Holesky may have a potential supply of over 1 billion testnet ETH. This substantial supply is designed to address challenges that developers face when acquiring testnet ETH on the primary test networks. The large amount of testnet ETH will enable easier access for testing Ethereum smart contracts.

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