Brazilian authorities have arrested the main suspects involved in Braiscompany’s crypto fraud in an effort to protect investors and expose fraudulent activities. The detentions occurred in Foz do Iguaçu, near the Brazil-Argentina border, when the suspects are believed to have tried to flee the country. According to the report, those arrested were Arthur and Sabrina Lima, a couple suspected of being deeply involved in Braiscompany’s activities. Brazilian law enforcement has arrested three individuals believed to be involved in the activities of the now-defunct cryptocurrency brokerage, Braiscompany.

Police opened an investigation into the company, codenamed Operation Halving, earlier this year. And in an official statement, officials said that the latest phase of the operation has seen officials seize some $28.7 million worth of property in raids. Click on company-related addresses in São Paulo and Aracaju. One of the properties appears to be an office equipped with computer terminals and desks. Braiscompany came under closer scrutiny after investors voiced their inability to withdraw funds from the platform in December 2022. Earlier this year, the company, known for making promises to investors monthly interest of up to 8% on fiat or Bitcoin deposits, closed amid allegations of fraudulent activity. Following the closure, the company’s executives were suspected of fleeing with around $160 million in customer funds, prompting authorities to label the company a possible crypto pyramid scheme.

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