📣 Wyre Closed Soon, Users Can Withdraw Assets Before July 14

Wyre, a crypto payments company, tweeted that the company will close soon due to market conditions. Users can now withdraw assets until July 14. The company emphasizes that it will continue to protect the safety of customers’ assets. Users with assets on the Wyre platform will have until July 14 to withdraw their assets through the company’s dashboard, after which there will be a separate process for recovering assets remaining on the platform. The reason for this action is attributed to the current crisis in the market.

“If you have assets on the Wyre platform, you can withdraw them via Wyre’s dashboard through Friday, July 14. After then, we will have a separate process to recover assets remaining on the platform. We will post details on the process on our website and blogs.” As previously reported, in January of this year, Wyre informed employees that the company would be liquidated but later said that it had received financing from a strategic partner and could continue operating regular operations and remove the customer’s withdrawal limit. The sudden and rapid collapse of FTX has once again plunged the crypto industry into a cold winter.

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